While living in Oamaru in 1985 The Holy Spirit gave me an open eyed vision of prayers rising up from the earth to heaven along the Waitaki River. That was the beginning of God awakening me to some of His prophetic plan for Aotearoa. At the manifest presence conference 2013 I shared publicly for the first time a small part of that plan. I was permitted to share it on the provision it wasn’t recorded. (The reason for this is because I am to share this message with Iwi Kaumatua first before much of the Church. This is out of respect and to allow Tangata Whenua to respond to Christ in their time.)

The response from the majority of most people at the conference was overwhelming. I have never seen such a response in New Zealand in 33 years of knowing Christ. Maori, Pakeha, Pacifica, Aboriginal. PNG, Fijian, Samoan, Tongan, Indian, Asian and many other races responded to the Lord as Waka Toa called them forth through a Haka and then Karanga. I feel incredibly honoured and humbled to be one of many voices God is speaking through to our nation. May the pastors and teachers continue to feed the Church and allow the apostles and prophets to arise and lead Church to where she has never been before to do what she has never done before for the glory of God. I only have one part to play in this plan therefore I look forward to gathering with the 5 fold ministries Jesus is gathering together in this nation. This time as the body of Christ we must unify and synergise before trying to mobilise.



2 Tim 1:6

And for this reason I remind you to kindle afresh the gift of God which is in you through the laying on of my hands.


  • I believe that there is greatness in every one of God’s people and I am privileged to help them connect to it and unlock it in a way that they can fulfil the good works they were created for before time began. (Eph2:10)

My theme in ministry always centres on intimacy with the presence of Christ. Unless we are carrying His manifest presence what do we have to give? Academic information is important for the development of Gods people but they also need apostolic impartation. Below are two examples of apostolic impartation and its affect upon those who received. Eph4:11:12-13


pastor praying2     pastor praying

This Pastor called me into his church to pray for the sick in Warangal AP India. He had filled his Church with dozens of sick and diseased people waiting for a miracle. The Holy Spirit instructed me that I was not to pray for one sick person. He said I was to pray impartation on this man  to release him into his healing ministry and then I was to tell him to heal the sick while I went back to my hotel room. He protested and said the people were waiting for me to pray for them. Up to this point this Pastor had seen very little healing in his ministry. After I prayed impartation on this Pastor he went up to a little girl who could barely walk. As he placed his hands on her knees she instantly stood completely healed and pain free. Over the next 3 months he saw over 700 miracles and healings as he prayed for people. He discovered people would be healed as he approached them even before he touched them. Often they would fall under the power as they just walked up to him as seen in these photos. This is one of the fastest and most dramatic affects of impartation I have seen.


SOL2   sol

Myself, Jess and our beloved son and daughter in the faith Pastor Solomon and Grace.

In 2006 Pastor Solomon’s Church of 130 was struggling to make a great impact amongst the lost in his city of Kurnool. AP. I spent 10-14 days a year teaching and showing them how to operate in the manifest presence of God and then I trained them to do likewise. Within 6 years he and his sons and 50 or so team members and leaders have grown the Church to over 3000. Hundreds of Hindus, Muslims and Communists have encountered Christ through powerful signs and wonders and healing miracles. Even the dead have been raised under the influence of their ministry.