TRADE ME 2007 022


At this meeting in Motha AP many people saw a man walking amongst them dressed in bright white robes. Some could not stand in his presence and dropped to their knees. One lady testified that this man walked up to her and poured oil on her head. She had a cancer lump on her breast and she said the moment the oil came on her head the lump literally disappeared. When she asked who was this man we told her it was Jesus. She immediately gave her life to Jesus and is now a member of the Church.

Mark 16:20
And they went forth, and preached every where, the Lord working with them, and confirming the word with signs following. Amen.


Dear Pastor Norm.

Thank you Pastor Norm for the gift you have empowered me with through your ministry.

God is using me mightily in the surrounding areas. During the past 7 months I have covered 100 kms radius and seen more than 800 people delivered from evil spirits and disease. A 30-year-old paralysed man was miraculously healed and able to walk. Another man, a teacher was healed of renal colic. When I lay hands on people they are healed immediately. Sometimes the power is so great that even at a distance from my hands they are healed before I touch them. Elisha received a double portion from Elijah, similarly, I feel I have received a double portion from you. According to His will I am arranging a big crusade in Warangal as per your dates and arrival.

Pastor E. Sadanandam.

No 11-26-137 Kothawada.

Warangal AP India.


1Thes 2:2

But even after that we had suffered before, and were shamefully entreated, as ye know, at Philippi, we were bold in our God to speak unto you the gospel of God with much contention.

 I am not bold in my own abilities or strength but I am bold in my God.

Over the years this boldness in God has caused me to pray for people suffering all manner of so called incurable disease and sickness. As a result of stepping out in this boldness people have testified to the benefit they believe they have received.

NOTE: I have never healed anybody and nor do I profess to be able to heal anybody. The water that flows through a hose gives life to the seed. It is not the hose that gives life to the seed it is the water that flows through the hose. The hose is just the host that carries the water. In like manner it is the Spirit of Christ that flows through me that heals the sick. It is not myself that heals them for I am like the hose, I am just the host through whom the Spirit of Christ flows. This is not just peculiar to me but is the privilege of any believer. Mark16:17-18. As people place their faith in Jesus Christ His supernatural presence releases signs wonders and miracles today just as He did 2000 years ago. Heb13:8

Norm McLeod.


Anni 1991 House of Breakthrough Church. Gisborne NZ.

She was diagnosed with cancer and was to get her womb cut out on Monday. However, on Sunday she was sitting in one of my healing meetings. When I prayed release of the power of God across the room, she felt a surge of power go into her stomach area. The next day when she went for surgery, they could find no trace of the cancer. Nine months later she had her first child, and has had another since.

T. ARITHA 2010 House of Breakthrough Church. Kurnool AP India.

Since birth I have been partially deaf and could not speak clearly. I attended the a meeting with the help of my grandmother. When Apostle Norm called us to the stage we went up and when he laid his hand on me I felt a power passing into my body. I could slowly hear new and clear sounds and to some extent I could speak a lot more clearly. Two days later I can now hear clearly and speak fluently. I am very grateful to Jesus and cannot repay Him for what He has done for me.

 Guntamma 14/02/12 House of Breakthrough Church Kurnool India.

She was a woman totally blind in one eye for 3 years. After prayer was made over the crowd she came forward to testify to the crowd that she could now see clearly through that eye. She proved it by covering her good eye and describing the colours and objects she could now see with the eye that was blind. Many people in the crowd knew this woman and gave witnesses to the fact that once she was blind but are now amazed she can see.

Gaynor: 13/11/2011 Gisborne House of Breakthrough Church NZ.

25 years ago had completely her severed Achilles tendon on her left foot. Since then she could not bend her foot back or stand on her toes.

After she was prayed for within 5 minutes she was able to bend her foot backwards and forwards as well as stand on her toes.