Last weekend 13-15th Sept, I spent 3 days with Pastors Damien and Jacinda teaching and imparting into 26 leaders and mentoring group of HOB Oamaru. While flying from Gisborne to wellington I received 26 words of knowledge and prophecies for these passionate young “nga toa!” This was a weekend where the Holy Spirit was bringing a shift in their spirit in order to empower and deploy them to take Christ to places they have never been to before.  My mission was to unlock the ministry gifting of Christ that was already within them. I told them that the level of anointing I am walking in is simply their entry level into ministry and that I challenged them to allow the Holy Spirit to take their ministry way beyond where I am. This messed with their heads because I was putting them on an equal footing with me in regards operating in the power of God. It was gratifying to see them apply my teaching when they operated in the power of God on Sunday as they called people into the manifest presence of God and released prophetic words with power over the congregation. The body of Christ needs Fathers in the faith who will affirm and empower this new generation of young warriors who want to know how to live and minister in the power of the manifest presence of God. For me it was a great honour to empower and prepare for deployment such hungry young men and women of integrity and passion. Pastor Damien and Jacinda are an outstanding young couple who are carrying a fresh apostolic prophetic cutting edge on their lives. Watch this space as you see these warriors from the south begin to arise and invade the nations with the manifest presence of Christ.  I found it interesting that the place of the retreat was at Waianakarua which is the same place where 25 years ago God prepared Jess and I for our deployment to Gisborne. Ironically while I was ministering to these young warriors And preparing them for deployment the Holy Spirit said He is preparing me and Jess for redeployment into a new realm and dimension to the nation and nations of the earth.

Sept 8th 2013

At this time in history there is a spiritual awakening starting to take place in the nation. Although it is throughout the body of Christ it is most evident amongst Maori. This is an awakening to Gods original plan and purpose for Tangata Whenua that goes back before time. As Maori are awakened to their spiritual inheritance in Christ there will be a sequential awakening of the body of Christ throughout New Zealand.

Eph 1:4 (NIV)

For he chose us in him before the creation of the world to be holy and blameless in his sight. In love

Acts 17:26-27 (NIV)

26   From one man He made every nation of men, that they should inhabit the whole earth; and He determined the times set for them and the exact places where they should live.

I feel that there will be four areas that will lead to a deployment of many waka from the body of Christ in Aotearoa that will be sent to the 4 corners of the nation and the earth to preach the gospel of the Kingdom and help awaken a nation and the nations of the earth.

AWAKEN: First the Nga Toa A Te Atua / warriors of God in New Zealand will awaken to this call of God. SURRENDER: Once awakened this will lead to the place of surrender to this call. There will need to be some growing up to happen because there can be no ego in this tapu call.

John 21:18

“Truly, truly, I say to you, when you were younger, you used to gird yourself, and walk wherever you wished; but when you grow old, you will stretch out your hands, and someone else will gird you, and bring you where you do not wish to go.”

EMPOWERED: The Holy Spirit can only fill empty and willing vessels. This isn’t talking about being perfect but it is talking of being real before God and man. This is the Jn14:12 / Acts1:8 empowering which will be beyond anything we have seen before. Taumata a Kura, Williams, Ratana, Finney, Wigglesworth, John G Lake were examples for us. DEPLOYMENT: The Holy Spirit is empowering dread warriors who will be deployed to infiltrate behind enemy lines to bring back to the lamb the reward of His labours, souls, souls, souls! The gates of hell fall before the Church without borders. Some of these Nga Toa will follow the footsteps of Stephen and the blood of the martyrs will will allow many to be cleansed by the blood of the lamb.

Is the Spirit of God awakening you? Are you one of these Nga Toa A Te Atua / warriors of God?

Stay in the fire of God because the smoke just makes your eyes water and blinds you from seeing reality.




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  1. alex and elle mcConnell

    My wife elle was blessed thru your ministry at manifest presence in Auckland.She brought home a dvd of a message you gave .We attend Alive church in Kamo whangarei,and it lives by its name with a on fire pastor AAron Halverson.A couple of years ago we passed a poor and gang area called Otangarei (or OT ) for short .God spoke to me and said look at all those lost souls Boozing and Drugs 90% on benefits Go and tell them Jesus loves them .When I told some of our friends what I was going to do They threw up their hands in horror and said I would be killed I knew the Lord was with me and I sourced vegetables from growers and have taken about 150 tons to the struggling but the best of all is we have seen Gods hand working and have many new Christians now worshipping Jesus They have no inhibitions and praise God with their arms stretched toward their redeemer I am a Parkhea but have a background or backcountry farming and know a few moari words which they love when I communicate with them We have a upmarket home on the cliff at Tutukaka and have 30 or more for kai after church on some sundays we go down to the beach in front of our home and get a bag of Kinas and usually have a good roast of Pork.We can see this ministry growing but I am 77 and very busy.We just love these people ,Lesbiens Prostitutes Homos,P users Black power .The Bp leaders Daughter has been coming to church the last few sundays and Pene her father likes me .Sometimes Im embarrassed when a huge fellow with Dreadlocks and covered in Tats sits in church with me I wonder what the flash church people think ,But when he puts his hand up to receive the Lord They know God is in our situation.Why Im writing to you is we have shown your DvD lots of times and they just love your message especially the aotearoa history Have you any more DVDs that we could buy from you or have you any direction of what we should do in the future with these people.Sorry to have had such a long story but just wanted to let you know god is working with the Ngapui in the north.A fellow workers with you Alex and Elle McConnell Dolpin place Tutukaka

    • Norm McLeod

      Kia Ora Alex, Thanks for your comments and I am happy to hear how God I using you to reach our people up in the far north. Age is no barrier when you allow the love of God to flow through you because His love has no borders. Good on you for showing practical love as well not just words but in friendship and food. I intend on coming up your way next year to visit my uncle and possibly minister in some Churches. I will let you know when Im in your area it would be great to have a catch up. I have been busy in India and nationally and haven’t had time to place more info on my site however over Xmas we will be downloading new material and vid clips of what the Lord is doing through our ministry globally and nationally. Many blessings to you and your dear wife and say Kia Ora to my bros up there for me!

  2. Jordan Waiora Monk

    Peace and Prosperity be unto to these blessed ministries and saints of God Almighty…
    Christ our Lord lead me home to partake of this commission as a destined disciple…
    Glory be to God in the highest and on earth peace goodwill toward men.
    Arohanui . Kotahi Aroha .

    • Norm McLeod

      His kingdom reign shall know no end and is forever extending its borders. May the blessing of His Kingdom reign increase in your life and your loved ones and in the life of the people in the territory He has placed you. Jesus forever!
      Kingdom invasion is inevitable!
      Fire from the East

  3. Brent Tamatea

    Norm i am encouraged i believe that God is going to revive the maori people as begun by God by the early missionaries but the work was never completed its coming up to 200 years since the gospel was preached this year on the 25th of december.A few years back in a dream i saw thousands of maori people sitting and waiting some were sleeping there seemed an apathy and sense of loss there were giants among them also asleep.I was looking out the window of a train.I believe the train is the gospel of Jesus Christ he is going to awaken the hearts of the people and restore them in the fullness of Christ he will awaken these spiritual giants and our hope will be In Jesus the one who took our sin and cleansed this nation.This is the reason why there have been hard times he has been purging us of our self lives so we are clean and ready vessels to be used for his purpose be encouraged for the Lord will uphold the righteous.The land has been ploughed ready to receive the seed which has been scattered now is the time for the harvest.
    Holy spirit let your spirit of revival sweep our nation complete the work that you begun for your glory amen…

    • Norm McLeod

      Kia Ora Brent, thank you for your comment, I say amen amen amen! Blessings.
      If you haven’t alreafy you may want to check out my FB blogs. Blessings. Norm


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