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bw book


This book is for all Christians whether Maori, European or otherwise who have a burning desire to extend the Kingdom of God – it is also aimed at a rising new generation of apostles, prophets and leaders in the body of Christ. At this time in Aotearoa it’s time for Maori to minister in a more relatable way as Maori to Maori. Some will need to break off decades of religious systems that restrict them from their cultural expressions of love and service to Christ. This doesn’t necessarily mean a blanket acceptance of everything in Maori culture. The wisdom and discernment of the Holy Spirit will reveal how to use the gifts of the culture for the glory of God. History tells the story of Taumata a Kura on the East Coast from 1836 onwards and the tremendous response of Maori to Christ as Maori ministered in the power of God. This book will take you beyond from just being a Sunday Church member. It will give a new perspective of son-ship relationship with God, the key to moving in His supernatural power. This decade as Maori and European we will we show grace to each other as we understand our true identity as sons of God and we will move forward in unity to extend the Kingdom of God in Aotearoa.



pushing your boundaries series

We all have borders/boundaries in our lives that restrict us in some way. Some have academic borders which restrict their career development, some have emotional borders which restrict their relationships. Some have financial borders which restrict their dreams. The good news is that God places within every human the ability to cross these borders. This series is designed to encourage you to push the boundaries in your life that are restricting your possibilities and potential.